Changing weather ….

In past years have felt a bit unwell when the weather changed in late September and this year was no different. It’s hard to describe, but it seems like the constant fluctuation in hot and cold…especially at night is reflected in your body and it doesn’t like it.

So been a bit off for several days and now am nearly at the end of the next week. It’s actually 3.30am and there is a thunderstorm going on…but also there is water dripping down my chimney onto a wooden box. I have covered it with a bin bag and then a towel but it still makes a fairly loud dripping noise which is keeping me awake.

However last week’s sketches are a mixture again

From complicated streetscenes to reflections in a pond. I am continuing to learn a lot of technique .

And the best bit for me this week was counting and realising that although I had it in my mind that I had completed 17 sketches ..I had actually done 22. Guess who had to sit her o grade arithmetic twice.!!

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