Day 15 of staying home in Pisticci

I had been wondering about when I would get my next prescription for high blood pressure pills and finally decided that this morning I would go collect the prescription from the doctor and then come home. That left me free to go out another day up into town and go to the farmacia when I was more in the mood for it.

Having got as far as the doctor’s studio which is very near I thought I might just as well go and collect the pills today. I often have to trick myself into doing things by deciding not to do them. I was a bit worried that I needed a mask to go out. So there was a reason for being a bit hesitant. However I asked the doctor and I think she said as long as I keep a distance between me and others that would be fine. To be honest I didnt exactly understand what she said , but it wasn’t no you can’t go out.

It was really cold this morning and when I reached the farmacia there was someone waiting outside. I realised that I needed to wait until the previous person came out as it seemed to be one or two people only inside. When it was my turn I went in and got some of my prescription but I would need to go to the other Farmacia to get the rest. The pharmacists were behind glass screens and wore masks and gloves. It was a very safe feeling being in there.

It was a much longer wait outside the other one but we all stood at a distance from each other and even chatted a bit. A police car drove past and checked us out. It was the same arrangement inside as the other.

On my way back home I thought how glad I was to be looked after and tried not to think about the UK.

I don’t know if the numbers of the dead are down again today . I hope so very much. Apparently this week is very important and the pressure to stay in and be very careful has been mounting. The police have been everywhere checking.

It’s been too cold to be outside today but snow is no longer forecast. Am glad, even though I made my little greenhouse. ( which has not blown away yet despite the strong north wind.)

I thought I would try and finish my portrait and it’s nearly done. It’ s nothing like what I was hoping for …but then I am not Gwen John so what was I expecting!

Today I have been sending more funny messages or things I found on twitter to my family as I have done my best to warn them and they are now safe at home except for my “hero” daughter who is working in a nursing home.

I am glad I have enough pills, wine and chocolate to last me for at least 2 weeks. Tonight I would like to keep cosy with the stove on, watch more Nero Wolfe on youtube and drink wine. Could be a lot worse.

Well, it is what it is……
My favourite light. Took this photo about 4pm


  1. I’m so loving your daily diary. Keep it coming – I’ve been reading your blog for years having found you on Twitter – I gave that up ages ago.

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