Day 3 of phase 2…..couldn’t be bothered….

I probably should have gone for a walk up the hill this morning but I couldn’t quite make myself , so instead I hung around and thought a lot and did very little.

After writing about wondering how to act yesterday I think staying home till I had worked things out might have been a good idea….. but I was probably just unsettled.

So I got my trusty ladder out and brought some baskets of summer clothes down from on high. I have plenty of clothes. I don’t think I found them all.

I read a book for a while and fell asleep.

Then I heard a helicopter and took my ladder outside and leaned it up against the little house opposite so that I could see better. It’s possible to look over the top. It landed in a car park nearby. No idea why ….it could have been the emergency air ambulance one. I think it’s yellow.

But I got bored watching and went inside to sort out more clothes.

I read somewhere today that the 50s women who didnt get pensions are going to be in court again in June. Or some laywer at least , as there are millions of us so that would be a bit of a squash. I don’t expect anything will happen …. like all the other times. I can’t believe that even if they won that this govt. wouldn’t find some way of wriggling out of paying anything.. ( though secretly I was disappointed the last time so maybe have not entirely given up.)

Eventually about 15 minutes before I was due to start writing this I thought maybe I should go for a short walk so I didn’t sound so idle. Luckily I had sorted out my clothes so found a nice stretchy baggy pair of trousers. Could not be seen out with the paint spattered jeans. They are not a good look.

I thought I would wear the mask I made yesterday and it just happened to match my outfit which was very cheering.

So off I marched up the hill where I thought nobody went and met a group of boys coming towards me. I kept my mask on ( they were in a close group, no masks) . Felt a bit silly but ok. Then there were two older guys sitting on a bench in their garden chatting and someone else working in the garden.

Another man came out of a house and got into a car. By then I was wishing I hadn’t walked so fast to start with. It was also quite hot. But I thought I would carry on anyways so a dog followed me next. Then a car drove down the road and I had to step out of the way. I took some photographs and turned back and was followed down the road by another man.

That was like rush hour in Pisticci.

It is going to take some time to get into this new lifestyle…..but am on my way.

There are still more cases of the virus being reported and someone who works in pisticci has it now.

And as expected it looks like the UK has overtaken Italy in number of deaths.

Watched an interesting prog . On youtube with David Hockney today about artists in the past using  mirrors . Made me feel like my drawing was quite respectable considering.

Have got flowers to water now before wine time. Then I should make some plans for tomorrow.

All change ………..

Flowers in front of the castle
The water tower. ( I was nearly at the top of the road!)
I thought this was lovely
Spring fashion in Italy……

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