Day 1 of relative freedom in Pisticci……mmmm???

I might have been a bit excited about my relative freedom which would explain why I was awake at 4am. After working out how to carry on with my new story in a satisfactory manner I had a leisurely breakfast in my little bar. I quite enjoyed saying that! ( I even remembered to do yoga this morning but as getting through the trapdoor into my attic bedroom requires a bit of gymnastics then it’s better I keep on with the daily 5 mins. ) I was a little nervous about going out. I think I imagined I would meet lots of friends and we would all smile ( through masks) and look a little embarrassed as we stood 2mtrs apart. It might have made a difference if I had waited till after 9am but once I had chosen my going out outfit and selected a suitably matching mask I couldn’t wait any longer. ( 8.30am)

It was a bit strange and ….well nothing happened. I paid my electric bill , went for a coffee – which someone paid for, noticed that some people were wearing masks while others were acting like everything was back to normal again and ignoring distances, as well as not wearing masks in shops. It was a little depressing to be honest .

I came home and invited 2 friends round to my little bar at the end of the week. I think I will mostly stay home and see what happens.

Today I had decided would be the day I finished the big painting. And I did. By lunch time it was more or less as done as it is going to be. That is a relief.

So after lunch I thought I would have another try at drawing on my kindle fire ( advice from twitter friend) but my problem was that I needed to get it off the kindle and onto my laptop or phone to be able to use it. And if I emailed it nothing happened. Thanks to google I tried using another email address and it worked . That took some time!!!

But after I was able to send the image by email I thought I may as well draw something a bit more ambitious than the flower pots I had been using for practice. The actual app I am using was free and might well be for children which is why I am managing to use it , but it was really good fun. I painted the armchair in front of me from life. I am hoping that I could use the images as designs for redbubble but even if I cant it’s a pleasant way to spend an hour.

After that I watched another David Hockney video. I love his enthusiasm . And I am learning little things .

Now I am sitting outside at my bar again writing this. It’s a little overcast but warm. It was 28C this morning in town before 9am.

I forgot to look and see if there were any more cases of the virus in Basilicata today . It will be in two or 3 weeks that we will see if this new freedom is going to be ok or if not we might end up locked down again.

So wine time now and wondering what I will do tomorrow with my relative freedom…….

Finished ( I hope)
I really like this……
Dressed up with somewhere to go. …..

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