Summer in Pisticci……no electricity….😕

Funnily enough I didn’t see the notice saying that the electricity would be off from 9am till 13.00. ( see photo)

What a good thing it was that early this morning I printed out photos of todays work which I wanted to draw.

I didn’t realise there was no electric when the wifi went off so I plugged my phone in and played the audio book ( vintage murder, ngaio marsh. ) on my phone. Which was why , when I discovered the light was not working my phone was down to 40%.

I went to check if it was only my house and spoke to someone on the way who pointed out the notice.

No electric, no phone ( saving what was left of battery.) No music. No audiobook . No lights. No microwave.

Luckily , as it was a bit of a grey day, I managed to draw my next 4 paintings.

It was a strange day. Too quiet. I think maybe I need to get out more. But to do what.

August is normally full of free entertainment, but not this year.

I thought about having a holiday from work next week . But what would I do. I was talking to my daughter today about having a plan. Maybe I need one..

Maybe I could go and draw on my phone in the piazza. That would get me out, but not cost anything. It isn’t just the price of coffee it’s because I have got used to keeping away from people. It’s a bit sad.

Next weekend there is another exhibition ( and prize giving.)

However after that there is …… nothing……..

Definitely need a plan .

Or a good night’s sleep……or both.

Ha ha….the notice saying the electric would be off……
4 canvases prepared and one painted.


  1. I’ve been overwhelmed with things, I’ve missed reading your blog these past days. I enjoy seeing your art work. I heard a phrase today, about these times of pandemic. It said, “we are insulated but not isolated” because of technology.

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