2021 in Pisticci…..finally been to the comune😀

It only took me about 4 days this time . In the past I have managed to avoid going for up to several months. It’s not that the people who work there have ever been anything but friendly…..it’s just the ” notknowingness “.

I have a rough understanding of the general taxes etc which I should pay ,but I don’t know how they are applied, or if they change or even if I should be paying them. I know vaguely which office deals with my ID card, where the office is that deals with water bills and the one where I pay house tax.

So far in my quest to pay my water bill, I have been in at least 4 different offices and signed countless forms. I am not in a hurry any longer. What would be the point. In another few months I may drop in again and see if there is a bill waiting for me. In 16 years I once got one delivered by post.

I had to trick myself into going today by telling myself that I was going out to buy wood for stretchers and on the way I would pop into the comune and drop off a couple of documents.

So that was that.

I was a bit alarmed this morning when my daughter told me that in my hometown in Scotland cases of the virus have doubled in a week . It’s not good. And being vaccinated is not enough. Though another sick family member(unvaccinated) said that it looks like the symptoms are less severe if vaccinated.

I am hoping that Italy will be able to keep this delta variant out.

It has been really nice getting up at 5.30am and sitting on the doorstep with a cup of coffee thinking about things and making some plans and just enjoying the time. Then today I was looking at the big tree at the end of my street and the hills beyond . I thought it might be fun to see if I could make a sketch on my tablet starting with the sky at the back and the hills and then adding layer after layer till I reached the flowers at my feet. I can’t photograph it. It was interesting and I was pleased with the result.

After lunch I worked some more on my oleanders against the blue sky. I still have to paint the sides of the canvas but I am reasonably pleased with the painting so far.

And now it’s not quite wine time as I am meeting a friend for a glass of wine in the piazza. I still need to decide what to wear on my one social event every week, but after going through my wardrobe again today and taking out all the remaining jackets and spring stuff I can now see, more or less what I have left. So it should make choosing easier. Maybe…….

Cheers 🍷🍷💃

I like the colours .
This was so much fun to do.

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