2022 in Pisticci…hot and tired…..and painting over the cracks²

I suppose its not surprising that I’m tired. Mural painting is quite hard work and hobbling about is exhausting. 

However  I’ve made myself at home again and caught up on a lot of things. 

It started when I was eating breakfast outside and looking at the crack on the wall. There was no time like the present so I found the tub of premixed plaster, got the ladder and a knife and covered up the crack up to as high as I could reach.  It took about 5 minutes. The difficult part was waiting until it dried before I painted  roses and leaves over it.

It’s a little whiter than the rest of the wall.

That felt very satisfying so I decided to do the same with the crack inside which went right through my painted dresser.

All gone .  .  .

I had already  decided that I would wash the floors and tidy out the bathroom , so that was soon done.

After that I thought I should have nice reading break. Am on the 11th Gamache book now.

It was soon time to make 4 days worth of lunches.

Then , while cleaning the bathroom ,I decided to get rid of my water collection. ( for emergencies ) I kept a full 5 gallon  container full of water and the rest are now in the plastic bin. . The water gets turned off on a regular basis when the pipe called “freya” springs another leak.

I used the water on the flowers so it wasn’t wasted.

After that it was time for another reading break.

I’ve just heard a brass band in the distance and remembered that San Rocco is being taken around the streets to show off his restoration. I might have sprinted off out like a mountain goat to see what was afoot, but can’t be bothered to hobble. ( my knee isn’t any worse and I’ve discovered that going down stairs side ways helps as well as walking on tiptoes. ) Tomorrow I’ll need to go shopping. I’m  toying with the idea of taking my granny trolley and buying enough to last me a week.

Later tonight I’m planning to go and see a play about Romeo and Juliet in the piazza nearby.

In my hot and tired condition very loud fireworks to celebrate  San Rocco are making me jump. The bells are ringing and and it seems every couple of minutes there is another very loud bang.

It’s not been a bad day really. ( another loud bang!!)

I think a glass of wine is needed now. ( having drunk what feels like gallons of water all day.)

Cheers. 🍷🍷

Think all the noise is coming from up there. Climbed up my ladder outside to see over the rooftops just as my neighbours arrived back….I expect they wondered what on earth I was doing.

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