2021 in Pisticci…bits and pieces….

I just read that a helicopter flight has been successful on Mars. That’s not something I expected I would ever read in anything but a book.

At the same time this horrible virus is killing millions of people and although there are now vaccines which should help there is no absolute certainty that they will work for ever as more variants emerge.

Theoretically , and I don’t know this for sure, but there is probably enough money and expertise to pay for and deliver the vaccine to to the whole world including all the poorer countries and make people relatively safe again. But that’s not going to happen is it?

However a little helicopter can be made to fly on Mars.

Today I fixed 3 older paintings. I am getting a lot more discriminating about what I want to sell. I need to find a balance between self criticism and good enough.

There are very few paintings I would say , could not be improved.

I might still alter these 3 sometime in the future, but for now they are better than they were. I have been watching videos on composition,but I don’t really understand what the guy is talking about.

I have put them back in my gallery.

I didn’t have time to start my new painting today.

It was a bit boring really today. I did make myself go to the supermarket so can tick , exercise, I read most of the 60000 words I’ve written so far in my diary of 2020 and its okay , did 50 stomach exercises and 5 salutes to the sun.

I didn’t hoover the house, clean the cooker or the windows or paint a masterpiece.

Thank goodness it’s wine time….and hopefully there is always tomorrow.

Cheers 🍷. 🍷

Simplified and tidied up this .
I like bits of this now
And this is better…but am not too sure …

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