About Me

DSC_0729 Welcome to my blog. My name is Anne Parker and I have been living in the south of Italy in an area called Basilicata for the last 9 years.  ( I am originally from Scotland) I have a little studio in the small town of Pisticci which I bought with an inheritance 4 years ago.  It’s 2 little one roomed houses side by side in an area called Dirupo. I have a dream that one day I wont be the only artist living here. Property is very cheap and the area is beautiful, the people are lovely and the weather is great most of the year. I only painted portraits when I arrived here, intending to get a job teaching english or something and paint on the side, but jobs are hard to come by for Italians far less stranieri who dont speak italian very well, so I kept on painting. I went to an art class and learned to use oils and also more importantly that I could be much better than I thought. I could have learned more had I understood more italian but I enjoyed meeting the other students and made one very good friend. Then I started painting the local scenery, street scenes in particular and after that some countryside.i  started selling paintings at a local market and also some further afield. I am hoping to use this blog to keep me focused on working to stay here and would be delighted to meet anyone visiting the area. I also have a blog about living here at http://moltobrava.blogspot.com my email address is annecalcarole@gmail.com My current website is  http://custoza89pisticci.weebly.com You can also buy prints of my paintings from Fineartamerica   . ( just put Anne parker in the search box for artists – and I am the one from pisticci wearing a hat.)

Most of the paintings on this blog (except portraits) are available  for sale on request. I am also happy i,f you like , to make another version of any that are sold in any size that would suit.. Am also available to do commissions.


  1. Hi Anne,
    I was in touch with James Jackson a couple of years ago, since we were interested in a
    house for sale at the time; and now I’ve found your homepage! which I have read with great interest. Such a lovely spot Basilicata seems! Is it still possible to find a house for a reasonable sum in the area? and by that I mean CHEAP. I am a struggling swedish artist and poet in search of a quiet workplace. And, could you tell about the train connections Pisticci-Rome? As far as I remember it is cheap to travel by train in Italy; am I right? And how long time does it take to Rome? I am most interested to explore the art world of Rome.

    I look forward to hear from you,
    and best wishes from a cold Stockholm,

    • hi marie, how lovely to hear from you. It would be great to have another artist and poet here.
      The houses are still fairly cheap depending on where they are and what state of repair. I would think the cheapest would be about 25,000 euros in town possibly and in the country I know there is one with a really good garden for under 50000 euros.
      There are lots of for sale signs near my studio. I could find out for you?
      We have got the train from Metaponto to rome several times. It takes about 6 hours and goes through the mountains and past the isle of capri , through naples and on to rome. I cant remember what we paid the last time but you are right its not expensive. hope to see you here sometime.

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