2021 in Pisticci….head in a muddle

That would describe me right now. Sleepless nights are not good and neither are melatonin pills which don’t make me sleep all night, but make me want to sleep all day. Apparently they are good for eyesight, anxiety and some other things as well which is why I gave them another try……but not much use if I mooch about like a zombie all day.

It was a beautiful morning beginning with mist in the valley and then sunshine. It’s still warmer outside than in my house.

And the little cat has taken to jumping up on my door to remind me to feed it. It’s nice to see its little face looking up at me when I open the shutters.

After writing for an hour and a half and having breakfast outside I lay down with a book as I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Luckily after an hour or so I had decided that I must do something….anything at all, when there was a knock at the door and now I have another commission.

By then it was lunch time.

After another small lie down with a book I summoned up the energy to make a stretcher for this new commission.

After another small read I stapled on the canvas. By now I was more or less awake and went ahead and did a rough sketch of the portrait so I can begin tomorrow.

And finally I drew the last 2 sunshine in Pisticci paintings ready to begin.

While all this was happening I was considering the difference between art and painting stuff for people.

I think my latest paintings of Pisticci with sunshine are verging on art as they are more than just a representation.

Anyways I learn something in every painting.

Thank goodness tomorrow is another day. ……and is still getting warmer……


Cute little face in the morning
My garden is looking better evey day

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