2022 in Pisticci..Saturday, wine and photos…..

And finding a shop which will deliver gas.

Am starting to build up my store of wine. It felt comfortable when I had “quite a lot. ” It isn’t that I drink more when I have more wine available, unlike ice cream, cheese, peanut butter, milk chocolate, cake, or sweets which I only buy sparingly as willpower in that area is not one of my gifts.

However wine and dark chocolate are not a problem.

It was quite hot , even at 9am and it might be that I’ll start shopping late afternoon instead of mornings. But as it’s going to be very hot for the foreseeable future I needed to know that going out in the morning was not fatal.

And as long as I stayed on the shady side of the street it was okay.

It was fun to walk down the back streets on the way home. I’m still finding more photogenic corners. And today there were so many scooters.

Big square scooter
More scooters
And another

I think I may have another 2 or 3 possible paintings.

I really like this
New view of church and arches.

Back home I’ve been making use of a new sunlounger,( birthday present.) Not outside as it’s much too hot, but as somewhere to lounge about reading in the gallery. Feels very luxurious and a bit decadent. If I ever get the wilderness at the end of the street cleared them I may try a little sunbathing.

I’m still making slow progress on the latest painting and am wondering if I’ve overdone the detail a bit this time.

Still not finished.

What I am really enjoying is listening to a new series of audiobooks featuring ” Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane.” Sometimes I find that I’ve stopped painting and am just listening. Maybe that’s why my progress is so slow…….

Today there was a relatively strong hot wind. It’s still strange to me that wind is not always cooling.

Now I need to find something to entertain me on youtube. Or as it’s Saturday maybe I could splash out on a series from Google play.

While I consider that I’ll just have a glass of wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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