2022 in Pisticci/Perth…….

Am lying on my bed on top of a fur rug wearing a nice new warm jumper. I’ve got chilli tortilla chips and a glass of wine and , ultimate luxury , a big TV on the drawers in the corner. The central heating is on and I’m warm. I must be on holiday…..

Outside right now…..cold and damp.
Inside right now…..
Cosy and comfortable.

This morning I sold 6 framed watercolours of Perth and there is the possibility  to sell more.

This afternoon passed nicely in TK Max and then the  Range with Katy and Sam where we all found something to buy.

I’ve now got a lot of new paintbrushes, a couple of sketch pads and some pens.

I’ll take some home with me this time and the rest I’ll collect in February.

It’s been lovely to see Doug the dog again and I was ridiculously  pleased when he was happy to see me.


I will need to make a few plans including a trip to Glasgow .

For now it’s definitely wine time.


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