2022 in Pisticci/Perth  …..a different mirror……..

I am a little bit vain and to be frank, the mirror in Katy’s bathroom is not flattering.

Every time I come here I feel I’ve aged at least 5 years. I think I look white and old with a grim expression.

Today in a shop in town while going upstairs I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror which stretched all the way up to the next floor and I looked so much more colourful and interesting. What a treat.

I don’t care if it was a special” make the customer look good” mirror, it just made me smile…..all the way to the top of the stairs. 

Other than that I thought it was time to get things done .

So the awful form is finally posted. Hurray!

A taxi is booked to take me to the airport at 4am on Wednesday morning.

Messages have been sent to various people.

And I had a lovely time in town where I met old friends and found some lovely jumpers in a charity shop.

As Sam , my grand daughter now has the jumper I wore to come here I needed a replacement.

We were very lucky with the weather as despite the almost black  sky it didn’t rain.

This weekend there are lots of things happening  in Perth including a lot of live music , a Christmas street market and more.

On the way into town . The sky looks very dark.
Near the concert hall…   and Santa’s grotto..I think.
Looks like fun ,but not for me.
A pretty view
Have been in here one New Year.

We left town while it was still not raining.

Weather now

I’m going out soon to meet another daughter.

And taking a bottle of wine. I may be looking glamorous in one of my new jumpers…….Might avoid the ” bad” mirror from now on.


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