Freedom …on a windy Sunday

It was the perfect day for hanging out washing and although I had promised myself a lie in and a relaxed start to the day ……by 8.15 I had the washing hung out and was on the way to the supermarket  telling myself that I hadn’t  really ruined my lazy morning as I  could  chill out later.  ( and I  had run out of potatoes and eggs.)

It was nice and relaxed at the supermarket. Still only 5 people allowed in at once, but means no queues in the shop. And now everyone is used to picking up the cardboard numbers it all seems quite normal and easy. Mask on at the door and off again when outside. And then stride purposefully….. or stagger up hill… carrying heavy rucksack. Exercise done for the day.

Tried to make today relaxing so read for a while and finished my latest book. Downloaded several more on to my kindle so am well supplied with reading for the next month.

By lunch time all the clothes were dried and put away.

Then found a new artist I like on youtube. An american called Jim McVicker. He paints landscapes which I like but also still life interiors which I love. I want to do that.

There are so many things I want to do.

While looking at at the first 2 minutes of a recommendation for a tablet for drawing on I noticed that the guy  was zooming in to work on details. It had never occurred to me that I could do that so I left him to chat on about how good this wacom 1 tablet was while I investigated zooming on kindle. DOH!!!!!!

Can’t believe I never thought of that….

So started on my next self portrait and zoomed in on my eyes. It was a bit tricky and next time I need to draw the features in the right place before I go zooming …. but it is a step in the right direction.

Had a slightly scary dream last night where something was very wrong in the building I was in but it was very heavy rain outside so I couldn’t go out. Then James came in to tell me he’d done a deal and got himself a vintage red sports car. I could see it out the window. I kissed him on the cheek and said ” well done”. And I noticed that he was an old man.

Haven’t been able to get that out of my head all day.

I think the cows have all gone to the mountains for the summer. I thought I hadn’t heard any cowbells recently. I enjoyed that part of my lazy lockdown mornings. Breakast outside accompanied by musical cowbells.

However it is wine time again and for a Sunday it’s not been a bad day.

Latest self portrait ….zoom aided.
Sunday washing day …..
The pretty tree that dances in the wind . …gets a lot of practice!

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