Freedom….. finished my first mural in someone else’s house.

I only had to fix a few things and then glaze or varnish it. But I was there ready to begin before 8am.  A few hours later it was done as well as possible. And I cleared up all my not inconsiderable amount of paints and covers and used  paper towels, paintbrushes, plastic eggboxes etc etc..  I had taken my rucksack with me and was not looking forward to trudging home with lots of bags. However all my shopping trips must’ve helped. Though going up 3 flights of stairs to begin with left me a bit out of breath.

But ….and now I think I am safe to say I didn’t  spill paint or water or damage anything. I think I was more worried about that that than the actual painting. And I didn’t  step back and fall down the stairs . ( I once put a chair on a table to paint a bit of high up wall and stepped down forgetting the chair was on a table. Had black and blue legs all summer.  )

My next job could be one of 3 things. I am to make a large cardboard sign for something. Or it could be the not quite so mysterious job or I am trying to set up a still life with some local things. Or as is more likely something completely unexpected.

Have just had two lovely visitors and I wish I spoke better Italian. Maybe on my list of things to do when I sell my other house I should add ” go and stay somewhere for a month among Italians “. I am sure I would come back speaking a lot better.

However it is wine time again. And I am trying not to think how dumb I sounded for the last half hour. 🤔

Trying out an idea for a still life …..
The finished mural
Weather undecided……

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