Summer in Pisticci  ……inside all day , working….

I did sit outside for breakfast…..It has become important  to take 5 minutes to sit and take note of my surroundings , without my phone. Sometimes I feel good, like I have stopped time , but mostly my mind rushes all over the place like a demented hen and I realise that I have eaten my breakfast and I didn’t  notice .But I still  do it. It is a way of trying to hold on to the peace and slowness of lockdown  .

After that it was all go as I started to work out ideas for my big project. It is related to the painter of pisticci  who is relatively famous  for painting orange figures on a black background on pots in about the 4th or 5th century. .

I had an idea to paint 2 scenes on each of 2 square panels and so I spent about 5 hours looking for info and then doing sketches on my kindle.

When I had finished that I sent them to the guy I am working for and after a bit of discussion I am using 2 of them. I will need to make them square instead of rectangular but that shouldn’t be  a problem.  I plan to begin work on the panels  tomorrow.

It was nice to do something different.

I also found some mild fake tan and applied it to my arms. It’s really just moisturiser with a touch of tanning so is safer than the real thing.

And now it’s wine time….again.

I loved using my kindle to do rough sketches today. It was so easy and less bother than drawing and then using crayons, and the colours are so vivid.

Pisticci and the calanche
Ruins at metaponto
Need to fix the figure and add more background to use this
This one needs to be made square and have appropriate clothing.

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