Summer in Pisticci……we are virus free in Basilicata

A friend sent me the information. I didn’t expect to be so happy and emotional, but it feels important. Something big and bad happened here and I stayed and was part of it and now , at least at this time, it is over. I was scared with everyone else and in danger with everyone else and at home like everyone else. I feel like I belong here more than I did before. And I am so glad that this area which is not rich or famous is first for something. Hurray!!!

That was the best thing that happened today.

Though I have had fun working on my new project. And I am well started it. In fact I got so into it that I forgot to write this blog post before my friend arrived.

We both have been here through the virus, though we had different experiences.

So it is well past wine time and I should make something to eat now.

It has been a special day.

New square sketch for project.
2nd square sketch for project
Working on the panels….needing some more work on composition….

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