Now it’s November in Pisticci…..small plumbing emergency!!

I have no idea why the cistern would chose a Sunday  morning to detach itself from the wall . Nothing happened that I am aware of . But this morning it was hanging like the leaning tower of Pisa.

After a few minutes of self pity ( oh no , things are always going wrong, its a disaster!!) I fetched a chair and stood on it so I could see what had happened. . A bit of plastic at the back had snapped off. It had been connected to a sort of screw thing in the wall by some picture wire. ( I think I may have done that a long time ago. )

Now that the plastic thing had broken off there was nothing to twist the wire over. I tried taping the plastic back on. That didn’t work.

On to plan B. Got strong picture wire and scissors and back up on wobbly chair. Ladder is too tall to fit in the shower room. I tried it.

I wrapped the end of a piece of the wire round the screw thing and then brought it all the way under the cistern and up the back and twisted it round the screw thing. I did this twice just to be on the safe side.

Job done !!.

It didn’t look very nice so I decided to paint the cistern gold , to match the pipes and finished it off with some potato prints.

I am quite impressed. Fingers crossed it will last a few more years.

That was mostly what I did today. There was a lot of waiting for paint to dry time which I passed by reading and watching David Hockney videos.

Finally when it was all done satisfactorily I sat down and painted Ted’s chair.

And then I had visitors. What a lovely surprise. Just 2 ladies out for a walk who stopped by to say hello and look at some paintings and my funny painted house. They were very taken with my shower room.

And now after a bit of a surprising start it has actually been quite a nice Sunday.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Ted’s chair. I enjoyed doing this ….maybe because I was sitting on a comfy chair and not a cold wall…
Ooops….. plumbing problem
Repair completed with picture wire.
Repair hidden by artistic deviousness….😁

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