Now it’s November in Pisticci…….4am starts are no fun…..

Which is why I am sitting here tonight trying to keep my eyes open. It feels like it’s been a very long day.

At least I got out and tried to do things.

I spent over an hour waiting outside the doctor’s surgery to get a prescription. I passed the time drawing on my phone until the battery got quite low and then I watched the old man also waiting, who seemed to be asleep while sitting on the wall and wondered if I should wake him up as if he leaned back he could fall about 5 or 6 metres down onto steps. I think I did wake him up when I came out with my prescription

Next stop was the comune where the office I needed was still closed , but the lady inside came out and said that if I was in a hurry I could email. My request. ” Great”, I thought.

2 hours later I had put a message on facebook asking if anyone could tell me the email address of the comune. I have tried 4 different addresses now. ( to be fair I spelled one wrong.) I think the last email went .

I have been given the phone number of the person I need to talk to , but prefer to leave that as a last resort. I am not sure if I can pronounce the name of the document I need. And as I am the only person likely to need one in this comune then I might need to explain why I need it.

After going shopping this afternoon I am a bit tired.

But it’s time to enjoy the stove and catch up with friends on whatsapp , while drinking wine and watching another crime series on youtube. And I have a decent book to read later….if I can stay awake.

Outside now…..
Inside now…..

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