Finally December in Pisticci….what a difference a day makes.

I didn’t know what kind of day it would be when it started at 4am ( again) .Am getting used to waking then.

After breakfast I waited as long as I could before I went round to my ” little artists house” to give it a final cleaning before, all being well , I hand over the keys

It hasn’t looked like it did when I lived there for a while. It was all set up to rent…. then the the virus arrived.

Today might have been the last time I locked the door. I had a lot invested in that little house and am still in touch with some of the many people who stayed there , I had some adventures living there. I am so very glad I did..It was was my home, a wedding venue, a gallery, a holiday rental, part of a film was shot there and much more.

Anyways after that was done I thought I would stroll up town and take a look in at the comune as I still needed my document which gives me all the same rights as I have now after brexit.. (At least that is what I understand. )

And now I have it.

It may take me some time to realise that I am okay to stay….I was going to write “safe” but there is always the virus. However I have spent the last years since the referendum wondering if I would be still here the next year and at the same time making every day count incase I had to leave.

Today I heard , I think it was Michel Barnier , say that he was wondering which particular part of hell is reserved for those who promoted brexit without any concept of a plan. ( this may not be an exact quote ) It was Donald Tusk….just seen it again with the name.

I was never interested in politics before brexit , but when my whole life here could have been ended I got seriously interested.

I look forward to reading about brexit now with some sadness , but no longer with dread.

Wow…the church music tonight is quite interesting….sounds like a saxophone or a trumpet and quite upbeat. There may even be drums.

My nice neighbour upstairs called to me today. ( she is housebound) She is looking for plastic containers ( such as I buy wine in) to use for storing olive oil. So she lowers a plastic carrier bag down on a string from her balcony containing oranges and chocolate cake and I swap it for a plastic wine container. Sorted.

And now it’s wine time. Hurray!!! 🍷🍷

On waty back from comune
Lovely light….

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