Last day of November in Pisticci…..saw the cows…..

I’ve started to go out for a short walk round Dirupo about 4 .30pm, just before it gets dark. Partly because I ‘m doing so little that I need something to write about  …..and some photos.

And today at the end of my 10 minute walk I went right up to the little old house with the bendy roof which I often paint and as I looked down the path to the calanche I spotted some moving blobs. With the help of the zoom on my camera phone I could see they were cows. 

That was one of the highlights of my day.

I spent most of the morning watching artists either painting or doing a tour of their studios. I took some notes so I could think I was working.

If  I thought it would help I would tell myself to ” pull myself together” .

It doesn’t  help.  

Today I saw a photo of a friend’s family and they were all close  together.  At first I thought it must be an old photo as no one is allowed to be close any longer….and then I remembered that it was ok for them in their country.

I don’t  think they do ‘ bubbles’ in Italy. So it’s just me ‘n’ted and the little scaredy cat. You can’t  really count the cows. There are people to greet in shops and on the way up town. And I spoke to a man making a gate to ask what he was doing.

But it’s  weird.

Perhaps this is the time to become my own best friend as right now I am a bit fed up with who I am or am becoming. And there are months of this weird solitude to carry on with.

Anyways enough introspection. 

I can hear the church music again  while I’m  writing this. I was listening to classical piano with log fire effects , but decided I would rather have the live stuff.

It’s quite dark now. I like this time of day.

Cheers…..especially to anyone else who is entirely on their own.🍷🍷

Cows 😀

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