2021 in Pisticci….. it’s still not finished….

The mural, that is. But it’s close. I have never painted so fast in my life. Never have I said. “Okay. I can do that.” to so many things I have never painted before. And in full view of people watching. No practice, no hesitation. 20 mins to draw and paint a complicated fountain and then what about a couple of figures… standing like this , however wearing different clothes.

It is exhilarating! I just say ok and concentrate and so far its been ” satisfactory “.

This mural is turning into a really complicated and interesting piece of work done by 5 artists. I am so happy to be one of them

I have learned so much .

And had so much fun.

And now….as it’s not finished there is another day to go yet…weather and other unexpected things…permitting.

Today I met a friend for a proseco and it felt like a little bit of normality in the middle of this strange life.

Now am home and thinking that this weekend I must do some housework.

It’s time to make something to eat.

On the way home. It’s hard to get the effect of the church towering over us.
Painted the woman with the sythe and the sunset.
And the fountain with 2 women in traditional pisticcese costume. ( quite tiny.)


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