2021 in Pisticci….. new use for my yoga mat. ..

More mural painting again today as it was a lovely sunny day.

I was there early as there isn’t really time to get started on anything at home. And I had several churches to paint

I am now working on a long low wall so have to sit on the pavement or crouch to paint. Hence the yoga mat.

In the morning I knelt on a plastic bag containing all my reference photos and ….well it was better than nothing.

But when I was home for lunch I wondered what would be better….and noticed my yoga mat. That was much more comfortable. So the second church went well. .

This morning we had little dolces with custard and fruit in a little pastry cup. Nice !!

And I am getting used to being briefly interviewed, along with everyone else every morning. Unfortunately wearing a mask, with my hat nearly falling over my eyes, a black neck warmer thingy and an enormous long thick linen shirt which is good as an overall, and extremely unflattering worn over 3 jumpers and not wearing glasses….. I am not at my best….. not even medium good. I only watch the videos made from a distance and if I am tempted to watch one made closer up I mute the sound.

Apparently, if I understood correctly…..and that is not at all certain…people from all over the world are commenting on the videos. That would be people who have some connection to Pisticci I assume.

I have turned my vanity switch off. What is the point of trying to look good when I am wearing several layers of old painty clothes, a mask that continually creeps up my face to meet my hat which is creeping down and sitting very inelegantly on the pavement surrounded by paint spattered margarine tub lids and scrunched up soggy kitchen roll.

I am making do ( quite happily) with flattering comments about my painting. We have had a lot of positive feedback about the mural.

I am glad to be home now and sitting in my comfy chair with the stove burning.

Time to go make something to eat .


Two churches and a clock tower

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