2021 in Pisticci…..ups and downs…..

It all started off very well I even got some more editing done. I think I might need to start getting up at 6am again and working before breakfast. Without a routine I just react to whatever needs done …usually commissions, and the things important to me get left out.

Then I printed out a 25 page form and got a reply to an inquiry. Followed by a mild breakdown. I need to know I can cope with a negative result before I go any further. Like pretend it doesn’t really matter. I remember when I was selling my house I got so stressed that I couldn’t find things , sent wrong documents and forgot other things.

In an effort to salvage the day I invited the friend who paid for my stove round and gave him the money for it. The arrangement. ( his idea)was that when I sold my house I would pay him back. Having the stove has made life so much more pleasant for the last year.

It was such a nice day we could sit outside and have a coffee.

After lunch having tried several distractions I thought I might do a digital painting . Haven’t done any for ages. I put a vase of daisies on the wooden chest and remembered how much I enjoyed drawing on the tablet. It turned out well and I sent some friends a copy.

It was nearly wine time by now, when a friend called me to ask if I could do some work tonight. Am just finished. I don’t often work in the evenings as am still on Scottish working hours and not Italian. ( They do mornings and then have the afternoon off and start again about 5pm until 8pm or in the summer it could be midnight.)

Enough thinking for today. It was nice to pay for my stove, it was good to have some work, but painting my vase of daisies made me happy.

Cheers 🍷🍷

I bought the vase at an antiques market and the daisies were a birthday gift from James.
Nice to think that it will be getting gradually warmer…

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