2021 in Pisticci…. a lot of stuff done……

This week I was going to do a lot of catching up, finishing and paperwork.

This morning I begun with the letter saying that I should ” claim “my pension. It arrived on Friday with a special number for me to use. I don’t know if I am entitled to a state pension(uk) but am far too scared to check for definite. However I thought this looked hopeful. ( When I came to Italy I was expecting to get a pension, just like my mum, when I was 60..)

It took quite a lot of courage to open the uk govt. Pension site. But there it was . I pressed “START” and up came a screen saying I couldn’t access the site from here.

I managed to find something that said if you were claiming from abroad you should do this. So I have emailed somebody somewhere and I may get a reply in 10 days. 😕

I was sort of hoping I would just type in my special number and up on the screen would flash a message saying “Congratulations , you will get the minimum pension (which is double what I am managing on at present) on your birthday. Have a nice day” I suppose that was a bit much to hope for.

So after distracting myself with twitter for 20 mins. (I don’t want to think about what I would do if I have to carry on like this for ever. )

I cheered up, found the documents I needed and decided to go to the comune and get it over with.

It was a lovely sunny morning. And my mask worked so I could see where I was going.

Unfortunately the comune is still closed except by appointment . I could have been more disappointed I suppose. I will just need to go next week. Ho hum……🤭😂

Back home with 2 padded envelopes to use in posting a painting overseas. As it is 30x40cms I had to buy 2. The envelopes were 30x40cmswhich means they were just too tight for a 30x40cm painting. However I have done this before and slitting them both up one side and taping them works fine.

I then remembered I had an electric bill for my old house so that was slightly complicated to sort out and while doing that I discovered I had an unpaid one for this house.. Oops!! All fixed and paid now.

Following lunch I finished touching up the Pisticci painting and sent a photo to the client. Then I sorted out my next 2 commissions.

And all that has taken me all day.

Still no snow…..

Wine time now. 🍷🍷

Still no snow….very cold
Added this because I like it a lot

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