2021 in Pisticci…..the little weed…..

After finding that I had inadvertently done something which made a difference in someone else’s life when they needed it I was feeling good this morning.

I sat down and got to the third page of my 26 page form I am filling in. Then I got stuck on whether I am married or not. I didn’t do this deliberately to make my life more complicated. It’s just that I have been legally separated for nearly 20 years There never seemed any point in getting divorced unless I wanted to get married again. Which I don’t. So that was another email to whoever it is answers questions from puzzled people.

Having got as far as I could with that I thought I might go out for a walk up town , until that is I read a letter from the Sindaco talking about the 12 new cases of the virus in Pisticci today and ending with ” don’t go out unless you have to.”. At that point I decided maybe I would just sit outside for a while and draw something on my tablet

This turned out to be a good idea as 5 minutes later someone arrived to arrange a commission.

As it was such a very sunny day I stayed outside and being in a kindly mood I decided to paint a little weed growing in the middle of the street because I felt sorry for it and thought I would make it special by painting it. I then put the drawing on fineartamerica.com and redbubble.com. Am not sure what I was trying to prove ,but that little weed is now internet immortal.

After that I had to get into bed with the electric blanket on as I was so cold. It was sunny ,but not hot and I had turned the stove off in a moment of optimism . However half an hour with hat and Norwegian cardigan on under the covers with electric blanket on at high and I was fine again.

I thought it would probably be a good idea to go shopping incase the situation with the virus in Pisticci became a problem. Another town nearby was shut down when they had an outbreak.

Now my cupboard is full enough to keep me going for several weeks. And I remember why I don’t buy tins …. it’s because they are heavy and carrying them home is hard work. But it’s done.

After working on some details for my possible next commission I met a neighbour while standing on a chair in the middle of the street taking a photo of the church with evening light.

It has been a lovely day in lots of ways.


Selfie in 2021
Getting dark outside……

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