2021 in Pisticci…dangerous journey….

That is a bit of an exaggeration, but it could have been .

One of my next commissions needs a big canvas and I thought I would make it myself. There is no way, assuming that there was a suitable one in the ferramenta ,that I would be allowed on a bus with one so big. I could have asked a friend with a car….but making it myself should be more fulfilling.

This time I bought thicker wood so that it shouldn’t warp. I haven’t made as big a stretcher before. I bought 4 pieces which were 3metres long.

That was the dangerous bit. There are a lot of twisting narrow streets in Pisticci and a lot of electric cables hanging across the streets. There are cars parked in all sorts of corners and people walking about.

I was worried that I would forget I was carrying the wood and twist round to greet someone and whack someone else, or turn a corner and put the end behind me through a window or even just be crossing the road and a car coming round the corner could drive right into one end.

I am a bit what we used to call” handless” meaning not much practical common sense, so I have to really concentrate and I was very glad to get home without damaging anything or anybody.

I am hoping that I am strong enough to saw this thicker wood.

I bought wood glue to supplement the staples this time. I haven’t quite got up the nerve to start cutting yet….maybe tomorrow.

I also bought more varnish and white acrylic paint as I used every last drop on my previous projects. It is nice to have potential for more projects…..

It was sunny but cold today so I had coffee outside but didn’t hang around.

Most of the afternoon was spent drawing my next 3 commissions. It always makes me feel better when things are started.

There are more cases of the virus in Pisticci again today.

I spent 20 minutes drawing on my small tablet just for fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

And now it’s friday wine time….what a strange life this is….one minute it feels quite normal and then I’ve just heard that my daughter who has some health difficulties has just had the vaccine. I don’t know whether to dance or cry.

Cheers 🍷🍷

The vase was a grappa bottle before …. have never liked grappa.
Safely home….

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