2021 in Pisticci…planA,B and C..

I had a message yesterday from someone at the company where I had ordered a paintbrush. ( ruined my good one for straight lines ,but is now absolutely brilliant for leaves.) I thought I would find somewhere in Italy to buy good brushes and maybe other stuff when I need it. I found a brush similar to the ruined one and ordered it.

However the delivery person had possibly been and I was not there. So someone from the company phoned me , then sent me a WhatsApp in English telling me what to do and giving me the number to call for the delivery office. Very helpful.

This morning I got up and wondered how I could avoid phoning as I hate trying explain things in bad italian on the phone.

I made a plan A. which was a note stuck on my letter box thingy … including a homemade red arrow pointing at the note.

Off I went mural painting.

Plan B was, if I came home and there was no parcel then I would just have to phone the office in the afternoon.

Was happily muralling along…..painting cactus leaves like a machine…..when my phone rang and it was the delivery man asking where I was. I tried explaining about my ” cassetta delle lettere” and the ” picola porta” ( I do try my best.) However he suggested that it would be much simpler just to leave the parcel in in the fruit and veg shop. As I would be getting dropped off there after finishing painting that suited us both. ( plan C. )

When I got home with my paintbrush which was very carefully wrapped in a tube there was a message from the helpful man from “ARTECREO” asking if everything had gone okay. I answered yes, and thanked him for his help. And I was in such a good mood I sent him a photo of the mural and said, that was why I was in the country.

He was very complimentary. And it is possible that my mural might be included in the company’s advertising info.😀😀

Things like that happen in Italy.

Now it’s wine time.

All being well tomorrow is my last mural painting day and it should be a day of fixing things and adding details here and there.

I have enjoyed the experience greatly.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

Painting round the corner. …….
My paintbrush
Directions for the delivery man.

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