2021 in Pisticci. No sleep ,mural painting and digital help.

It is very frustrating how it often happens that when I am planning to be busy the next day my subconscious says to itself, ” Ha ha, tonight we will make sure that she gets very little sleep . ” I imagine that there are a team of little subconscious elves , one responsible for making up a long list of possible problems which he threads through my mind so that the list seems never ending. Then there is the ” toilet elf” whose job is to constantly whisper in my ear ” you know you need to go again…..and then again. Lastly there is the ” tense elf” who shouts things like ” you’ll be too tired to work, it’s going to be a disaster, you should never have eaten these biscuits/ fizzy juice/ peanut butter etc. You deserve to suffer.

Eventually I get up , make a baked potato in the microwave, turn the electric blanket up full, get my Miss Read book out and tell myself ” **** it , who needs sleep anyways. ”

I don’t know why my subconscious has such a down on me.

However it was very cold this morning so wearing my thick jacket, usual 3 jumpers , 2 pairs of trousers and socks I set off to work on the mural.

Aided by 2 coffees I had a lovely time. It must be getting near the end of it now so I have a plan

Today I more or less stuck to my plan. Which means tomorrow I should paint cactus leaves. The idea is to leave Saturday to fix all the little bits and pieces and add any details I think would help.

This afternoon with the help of my tablet,( I download a photo of the mural so far) I used my drawing app to add bits and pieces and see how it looks. It ‘s a great help. I’ve printed out a copy of it for tomorrow.

It looks like the weather will be okay for the next few days . It was easier to work today because it was cooler….apart from the strong gusts of wind. I am really enjoying the whole experience of mural painting outside. Sitting inside in front of an easel might feel a little tame after this.

Today I also decorated the border round a portrait with a gold pen.

I like the variety of my work.

Now it’s wine time and fingers crossed that my subconscious has a holiday tonight and let’s me get some sleep.


On my way home today. One of the prettiest corners in Dirupo.

Part of the mural with added digital drawing to see what might look good without having to paint it then paint over it.

One comment

  1. was hoping there was a way to post big gold stars ffrom me for your mural. So you will have to use your imagination and see them!!!

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