2021 in Pisticci…and 2018 and 2015….

I can’t resist Facebook memories. The notice that pops up most days saying that on this day in whatever year this is what you posted . Some days it isn’t very exciting but this day in 2018 I was carving stone James, in 2016 I was lost in Malta, in 2015 I was trying to do a star jump with the ” imbianchini di bellezza” and in 2014 I had just finished my project to draw 50 people from Pisticci and booked a holiday in Florence with my daughter.

Today has been quite quiet in comparison

I did go out for a small walk and found a little street I had never been in before and a whole lot of wild flowers.

I got a photo of the mural which has now got terracotta tiles at the bottom and looks even better.

I watched several videos on plain air painting and ordered 4 tubes of paint which would make painting outside easier.

Other than that nothing much happened and I am now sitting with the stove on and my nice wine glass( bought in Florence at an antiques market) containing wine from a bottle,( a gift which I have kept for a special occasion) . I am celebrating finishing the mural and 2 more of my relatives getting vaccinated.


Star jump 2015.
Carving stone James 2018
Finished 50 people from Pisticci 2014
Lovely terracotta tiles add finishing touch to mural.

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