2021 in Pisticci….23 ideas for new paintings…

Thank goodness…. I’ve finally found some images to use for new paintings which might inspire me.

Thank you youtube. Over the last few days I have watched maybe a dozen short videos on painting, composition, inspiration and anything that looked as if it might help.

And today after watching a video on cropping photos for drama and compositional reasons I finally went through my photos again and ruthlessly cut them down in various shapes. Some didn’t work ,but others suddenly looked promising. Now I have 23 possibles.

I am going to try and make them all mean something to me. Be a little braver , more confident and more adventurous.


I have looked out lots of off cuts of canvas on cardboard as well as my newly made stretched canvases so I have a lot of choice. They are mostly smallish. I can always paint bigger versions later if I want to.

Made a small walk to the supermarket again today and came back the long way. I had been going to go out now and deliver a painting ,but it’s being picked up ,and as it’s raining I am not complaining. So a tick for exercise, and yoga today.

Today I think it might have been possible to go to Matera or Potenza and be vaccinated. There was no booking. From the photos it looks like crowds of people went.

I think it will be wine and Miss Marple now and as I don’t really seem to be turning orange , then more carrot oven chips for later. The stove is on and it’s warm in here. Nice.

Just a street on my way home…….
Lots and lots of potential paintings

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