2021 in Pisticci….booked my vaccine…..

Am all excited….I have a message confirming the appointment on the 27th of May. Am also a little impressed that I actually managed to do it online.

Thanks to a friend who told me where to look….. Facebook!

That rather overshadows the rest of the day.

However I did go to the bank…..the one that moved round the corner….and took some money out. That was reassuring.

Then the wine shop was open again so I bought some nice wine and some olive oil.

As I passed the art shop I saw my latest portrait in the window .

The remainder of the day I have spent painting another commercial work. I don’t know if I am getting very fussy or what but, I am a bit disappointed with this one. Maybe it will look better tomorrow. I thought the idea was good.

I am trying to think of new ways to paint Pisticci and little corners ,but with a landmark somewhere, seemed a good idea.

I had bought a small packet of maltesers for tonight from the strange vending machine shop in the main street…… but I ate them after lunch….

Cheers 🍷🍷

A little corner of Pisticci.
My latest portrait.

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