2021 in Pisticci… a sociable sort of day…..

Being sociable is not the same these days. I try to be like Pollyanna and see the good things. ( But ,said with a very grumpy face, it is a poor affair! )

Shopping is now of of my social events. Quite often it is the only one. To go to a supermarket where people know your name is nice. But even there today customers were being told to keep at a distance and there was some talk of red zones. There were another 4 cases of the virus in Pisticci. The numbers in the region are not going down.

I got quite a lot of shopping and my rucksack was really heavy. It’s a very good reason for going out for a walk/shop more often.

I had fixed my uncomfortable painting when friends arrived unexpectedly bringing a bundle of canvases.

It was lovely to see them and we could carry on a conversation perfectly well wearing masks. We are all tired of this pandemic. If it had been warmer I would have offered them a coffee outside , but it’s been a dull cold day.

It’s great to have more canvases to work on and I have then all set out in readiness for inspiration to strike or me just getting on and painting the next photo on my list.

Later on this afternoon another friend dropped by to deliver something and in normal times would have come in for a glass of wine.

And now I am waiting for someone to collect a painting.

I’ve half drawn my next painting ,but gave up due to complete lack of interest. Often if I begin then after ten minutes I get interested……but not today. Maybe tomorrow

Now it’s wine time and am still drinking the supermarket wine. Maybe I will take myself out tomorrow and buy the type I prefer which comes from a local winery.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

Looks better now I think.

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