2021 in Pisticci…..dreams and new clothes…..

I woke up happy this morning after a dream where I was pregnant and going back to live with James.

Obviously all of that is impossible, but it’s the first time in ages that I have felt that the future might hold some more exciting things to do and will not necessarily consist of merely making the best of every day until I die.

These are strange times anyways, but it felt as if there was a future to look forward to.

Possibly that inspired me to buy 4 new pieces of clothing at the market today. ( €10 for the lot)

I have enough clothes already , but it will be lovely to have some new things for summer.

It doesn’t matter that there is nowhere to go and no one to to go out with as all my clothes can be worn to go out for the shopping. (.though not the red velvet long dress…..am working out how I can make it casual evening wear. In fact I think I ought to definitely do that just for fun. )

Now all I need is warmer weather.

This afternoon I finished my latest painting, made a new mask and have chosen canvases and images for the next 3 paintings.

Now it’s wine time. Hurray! 🍷🍷

Having fun with shapes and colours.
New clothes
View on way to the market.

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