2021 in Pisticci…a productive day……

Am tired tonight while writing this.

I more or less started work at 6.30am and finished after 5pm .

Started back on editing and felt a bit encouraged . Maybe a few days off was a good idea.

The I had stuff to do up town . The little plastic wotsit that goes under my mask seems to be helping. Am not feeling so breathless and am now back to a bit more bouncy rather than trudgelike.

It was nice to be among people again. Bill paid, envelopes bought and cardio aspirins. ….oh and wine.

Beautiful morning.

So nice in fact that I decided to look out my summer clothes.

I have so many interesting clothes and I know from experience that I will chose a style and wear the same three outfits all summer. Have a vague idea what I would like to look like this year. I am so glad I haven’t thrown things out and some of the the items I found today I could swear I have never seen before.

It was quite exciting …..especially when the handle broke on my vintage tartan suitcase as I was lifting it down from the shower room roof. Luckily it stayed shut and missed my vase of flowers.

I still can’t see me wearing a lovely red crushed velvet long dress which still has the charity shop price ticket on it.

But I am not throwing it out.

After lunch I got to work on my next sunny painting which I was doing from 2 reference photos…only one of which had the sun in it. I had to be quite inventive but I am pleased with it so far. It makes a satisfactory pattern.

I checked the local news and there are another 9 cases of the virus in Pisticci…and we will have no water all day tomorrow.

Now I need a glass of wine……cheers 🍷🍷

Work in progress.
I forgot that I also touched up the white paint round the sunflowers.

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