2021 in Pisticci….don’t  seem to have done anything today…..

It’s  that word” anything” . It should probably  be ” anything funny or interesting or worth writing about”.

It’s been quite a pleasant day in fact.

I managed to dye my hair with the strong red gel which stains every thing it touches and not end up with bright pink fingers  or leave pink marks all over the shower room . It says on the directions not to use in the shower for good reason. I will probably use it all up because I paid for it and am like that…but will be searching for some thing a little less diabolical for next time.

Then breakfast outside was nice. It was foggy in the  valley which is always pretty and the little cat was most interested in what I was eating. So much so that it jumped up on the other chair twice….and looked horrified that I was so close before turning tail and returning to sitting in the street watching me.

I considered painting or going shopping and decided to read instead. 

Then it was lunch time.

Finally I decided that I should paint something and set up my palette before half painting the first of 4 heads.

I was happily interrupted by the first of three phone calls. An unusual ,but very nice way to spend a couple of hours.

After which there was time to water my plants , wash the dishes and sit down with a glass of wine and begin writing about nothing in particular.


View from my chair.

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