2021 in Pisticci…. like a fairytale princess….sort of

I decided that I would organise my bed in my gallery for the summer. It gets too hot to sleep in the attic by June.

I am a bit ahead of myself, but I was in the mood so I got to work dragging the sofa out from the wall and opening it up.

It’s been my bed for the last few years and last year I couldn’t help noticing that the mattress, not a proper mattress, had a big dip in the middle where it was folded up. It was ok as long as I slept across it.

I didn’t see how I could fix it.

However, last year about a month before lockdown when I was planning to rent out my little house, I bought a new mattress online. It was delivered in a long narrow cardboard box. And that is where it’s been since. Pushed into a corner behind my coatstand.

And just lately it occurred to me that I could put it on top of the old mattress and that might solve the problem.

It was quite exciting. The mattress was all rolled up in plastic in the box. It was quite heavy , which was why it had never made it to the other little house.

It’s slightly bigger than the sofa mattress and exactly the right size for my fitted sheets.

It feels great.

After sleeping in a very small single bed all winter it will be a luxury.

And I am thinking if I can manage it that I will put it upstairs on the floor of the attic when I move back there in the autumn. 😀😀

The reference to a princess was when I remembered the story of the Princess and the pea. She had rather more than 2 mattresses and could still feel the pea. I ‘m hoping that with 2 mattresses I will be as comfy as can be.

It always seems a bit strange to sleep in my gallery at first. I have tried to make the bed not stand out as I show people round my gallery/bedroom on a regular basis.

It’s nice to prepare for summer. Tomorrow morning my plan is to organise my workroom so that I can work there again.

Today I haven’t had the stove on at all.

The wind was warm and when I went to the supermarket I wore one of my short jackets. Some years the weather goes from winter to summer and there is no opportunity to wear a thinner jacket. ( that would explain why thin jackets were always very cheap at markets!!.)

This week I would like to finish painting 4 heads and 8 hands.

And now it’s wine time again. Cheers 🍷🍷

New comfy mattress all set up.
Washing out this morning.

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