2021 in Pisticci…..up in the attic.

I might sleep up here tonight even though its a bit hotter under the roof as now I have a sore back after lying about on my other bed sofa for about 2 days. Am reasonably convinced that a sore back is not a side effect of the vaccine but a result of a lumpy futon mattress on a a frame which now dips in the middle.

I may have fixed it though. I found a longish wooden shelf behind my painting cupboard and have shoved it under the mattress . Now I think that the frame can’t dip in the middle. If it works I’ll be really pleased with myself for fixing something else.

Am recovering and only feel squeamish and tired. Also I am not off wine any longer.

This morning I was speaking to my daughter in Scotland. I try not to be too scary or negative about covid and she has a lot of good things going on in her life to talk about. I get worried that I have an unduly gloomy view of the situation in the UK right now ,but I couldn’t resist speaking about mask wearing just a little bit.

Then I saw this..

Most of my family live in the black area.

She said lots of shops are closed because there are no staff and it’s the worst it has ever been.

Maybe we were both looking out for each other.

I can’t believe how incredibly stupid the UK government is.

Most of my family are vaccinated. Thank goodness.

I had been thinking that I might make some new masks for myself . I read that cotton ones are best in the heat. I would like to feel that a mask was like a normal part of my life….cause the way things look it might well be.

Today , after getting up and thinking , “Hurray, I’m all better,” before realising that I was being a bit premature and a “bit” better would have been more accurate, I watered the flowers and enjoyed the cool time before 8am.

Then I fixed a portrait and straightened some houses in another painting and got round to drawing a sunflower before feeling a queasy again.

I’m lucky. I can take my time and get back to work when I feel like it. Advantage of being my own boss.

Now I might just have a glass of wine. I drank lots of water all day and I feel like a treat.


View from the attic.

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