2021 in Pisticci….I bought 10 masks last night.

So far I have mostly made my own ,but I thought about how long it would take me to make new ones , by hand , and when I found 10 cotton ones for a reasonable price and mixed colours I pressed the button.

I feel quite strongly about masks. Wearing  one  protects other people from me . Along with getting vaccinated it’s the only thing I can do to help in this pandemic. Obviously it makes me a bit safer too.

It also feels like the only thing I can do for my family back in Scotland. That is to remind them ad nauseum  to remember to wear a mask and then  lead by example.

I’ve never understood  people who thought masks were forced on them. Compared to being locked down wearing a mask isn’t much to ask. And there are pretty ones. My favourite so far has been the silvery sparkling one worn by a very nice lady from Pisticci.

I think I read today that masks are going to be continuing to be mandatory in Scotland. Thank goodness.

Today I am feeling a bit better than yesterday ,but making a bold attempt to go shopping was cut short at the end of my street by sore legs and generally feeling fragile. I seem to have developed a clicky knee now. ( rampant hypochondria setting in….)

Apart from that the sun is shining and today I finally caught up with my summer picture diary.

This is first time I drew in it

I also checked the freezer compartment to see if there was anything nice to eat and found a frozen lasagne. It must be at least a year and a half old so am not sure if it will be edible or poisonous.

But friends will bring me supplies so won’t have to eat it.

After making 2 attempts to draw my next Pisticci scene I gave up and postponed doing it until tomorrow….or the next day.

But I did do a digital sketch of the view from my bed. I might have done more to it but my elbow that I was leaning on got sore.

Was slightly tricky what with bad back, clicky knee and then sore elbow.

I am so much more pleased with my digital sketches than most of my finished paintings. I love the messiness, the shapes and the colours. I feel much more like an artist doing one of these. Sometime I am going to get one of them printed out on good paper to see what it looks like.

But now it’s wine time and I am wearing my starry dress and if I can get comfortable then I could have a very nice evening. Ouch! I thought all the yoga( 3 mins) and core stomach cycling type exercise ( 50 repetitions) were supposed to keep my back in order.


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