2021 in Pisticci…. from photo to painting….

This morning I thought I might attempt a gentle stroll up the pink brick road. It is very steep.

As long as I didn’t try to hurry then it was fine….and to be honest there is so much to see that I am always stopping to look or take photos.

I saw the sheep and it’s lamb which is now quite big.

Am still ridiculously happy to see the sheep. Must be my farming background.

The oleanders growing wild beside the road are lovely.

Looking down

Deciding not to go any further, could have been laziness or a sensible precaution. I turned back and took another photo as the light hit the side of the church. It was about 7.30am

I thought that was much more interesting than the other reference photos I had chosen for this week.

So I spent most of today painting it.

My problem is that I like this rough first draft better than the finished painting.

I want to be able to keep something of the roughness and conquer my urge to just add another little detail ……

Ouch!!! Am now writing this standing up.

Thank goodness for wine time.


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