2021 in Pisticci….looks like a storm is coming….

I haven’t actually looked at the weather forecast for several days as the long term outlook was more or less no change.  Probably there won’t be a storm….the weather will just get very threatening and then return to hot. Like it was just kidding.

It is nicely windy though,  so I am sitting on the doorstep. 

(Small break to go take next paracetamol.)

What I miss most while my back is sore is being able to lounge about with my feet up . I can perch, stand or lie down. That sounds quite reasonable I suppose . And today there have been less ” “OUCH , OUCH , OUCH,” incidents. But I am not relaxed.

I have turned down a complicated commission with a time limit. I don’t often say no to work , but it would have been a challenge to get it done if I was 100% and as a little gentle painting is as much as I feel capable of just now I think that was a sensible decision.

Today I finished off yesterday’s painting and started a new one on the last of my off cut canvases. Again I am not sure if it will work, but there was something about the scene I liked. I think maybe I should look at these last few paintings as the “searching” series, where I am looking for something. I don’t know what.

Work in progress

Tomorrow I must go out again. Didn’t even manage a short walk this morning.

Am impressed by my homegrown oleander.

No storm so far……

Wine time now . 🍷🍷 cheers.

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