2021 in Pisticci….watching YouTube really does help

The most excited I was today was when I picked up a long narrow piece of discarded canvas, and into my mind popped an image of the man with the boring voice ,but good ideas on youtube. As usual I had found him by accident when looking for how to do something. I watched a few of his videos , partly because they were only 5 mins long and in one of them he recommended practising painting loose with a big brush on a small piece of paper or canvas. Suddenly I could see this strip of canvas cut into small pieces. Then it wouldn’t be wasted and I could do lots of tiny loose paintings.

It is a lot less stressful to paint on old odds and ends.

I got started right away with a painting of a slightly wrinkly aubergine which was in the fridge and I had forgotten about. Painting it slightly assuaged the guilt at planning to throw it out.

It’s about 12x20cms

It was quick and fun to paint. I taped the canvas onto a small board and used a big brush and thick paint as advised.

My very big job today was to staple the canvas on to the big stretcher. When I unrolled the canvas I discovered that it was a little thinner than the one I normally use. However apart from achey knees it went well and looks fine.

I was so pleased with myself that I also stapled canvas onto a big square stretcher a friend gave me. It feels good to have canvases ready to use.

On Wednesday evening there is a group exhibition on a nearby beach so this morning after looking at my entry I thought maybe it could be improved

Am not 100% happy with this but I like the water and the purple shadows.

Hopefully I didn’t make it worse.

I should have sketched a design for the big canvas ,but I like the small sketch I did in my summer diary yesterday so I may submit it.

And after another hot day it’s wine time.


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