2021 in Pisticci…..feeling a bit defeated….

Only because I wanted to sit on the doorstep and write this but I ached so much when I stood up that I decided I might just as well lie on my bed.

Possibly I shouldn’t have made the biggest stretcher yet this afternoon. It was a little tricky finding a comfortable position to saw , but I managed . I have left it to let the glue dry and plan to staple on the canvas tomorrow.

It should be quite strong with the 2 cross pieces.

It was easier than I thought even though my measuring is not very good.

Other than that I have mostly read today. I found a book by Morgan Greene on kindle unlimited with a female detective. She is not nearly as annoying as some of the other female detectives……and there are at least another 4 books in the series. Hurray!!

I was wondering how I would fit all the elements of my new commission together and did a small sketch in my summer diary. I think it might work.

I love filling up the pages in this sketch book.

Now it’s wine time and hopefully a video from Nickipositano.

Cheers 🍷🍷

My favourite painting inspired by Gwen John.

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