2021 in Pisticci …..what a difference a day makes…..

Second day of portrait painting and today work went much better. It now looks more like how I imagined it could although it’s not quite finished.

It’s on a 30x40cm canvas board as it’s to be posted. I had 3 photos to work from. They were okay …as in it was possible to see the colours of the eyes …but the backgrounds were no use.

However I have placed them all slightly overlapping and with a blue background they stand out well.

Tomorrow my plan is to fix the little things…like teeth.

Then next week I should have another trip to Marconia post office, with hopefully a suitably wrapped parcel.

I also changed the background of a little oil painting of oleanders.

Just did this to use up paint. Can never resist trying to make it ” better”.

It was good to go out and buy more of my favourite wine. I stopped on the way home for a coffee. An espresso seems to have increased in price to €1. It never seems very much at the time but 4 weeks of coffees would equal a week’s food shopping. Probably time I started using one of my change containers to buy coffee.

The most exciting thing to happen today was that I thought of a title and plan for a new book. I have missed having something to write and now that I know I can get something in print….even if it’s only 10 copies then its quite inspiring.

Wine time now. And it’s Friday.


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