2022 in Pisticci….better than expected…(I hope..)

After waking up at 4.30am and thinking/worrying about paying my latest bill, it occurred to me to try Google for some ideas. One of these may have worked. Until I see ” bill paid” on the app I won’t be sure. I am pleased though that I decided to look for an alternative.

At 4.30am I was not feeling confident.

After several false starts, another email and a hope for the best, as what I wanted to do didn’t exactly fit, something happened and suddenly the payment was flying through the air or whatever it does and seems to have landed in the right bank. So far , so good.

It was great to go and meet a friend for coffee after that. It’s good to be able to sit outside even though it is gradually getting colder. ( a cushion would have been nice.)

Feeling a little optimistic after lunch, I cut the canvas for the biggest stretcher and stapled it on. Whew!!!

I also made myself knee pads and a mat out of an old jumper as it was necessary to crawl about the floor stapling. It was icy cold.

They worked very well.
Big canvas.

Half way through doing this the nice courier ( as distinct from the other one who leaves parcels for me at the other side of town .) phoned and said he would be arriving shortly near my house. I rushed off to meet him.

Nice view while I was waiting.

It was my new saw and mitre thingy.

So I made the last small stretcher.

After another video on youtube about painting poppies it was time to update my work diary. It’s really nice to have a photographic record of work I’ve done.

There are over 800 positives in the region today and 4 more cases in Pisticci.

Now it’s dark outside.

Have been lucky to see this often this week.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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