2022 in Pisticci…back to ” normal”

It was nice enough to eat breakfast outside again. Brutto joined me, but wasn’t interested in sharing my breakfast . He disdainfully licked the mayonnaise off some egg white and then strolled off. He prefers a spoonful of mayonnaise on its own.

This week my plan is to get all the canvases ready for this month’s work. So I made another 2 stretchers.

I have another smaller one still to make.

Then after speaking to someone who knows about saws, I ordered a new one. It should arrive on Wednesday.

Following that I watched someone on youtube paint poppies and made it look so easy. My biggest commission this month will be mostly poppies. It’s always good to get some help.

After lunch I went to the bank.

Lovely blue sky
All the stands for the Christmas Market are gone.
The corso is still decorated.

The visit to the bank was not at all helpful.

Several rude words spring to mind when all I want to do is pay a bill , for which I have the money , but is proving horrendously difficult to organise thanks to the post office being so slow to deliver mail. ( bills arrive after the date they were supposed to be paid. )so I am trying to organise to pay it from the bank. It was so much easier to just take the paper bill into the tabacchi every 2 months, hand over a €50 note and get a receipt.

Will try again tomorrow.

My neighbour has been weeding. No further comment!!

Children from 5 to 11 are now being vaccinated here. If I understood correctly 1500 have already been given the vaccine. There were 10 positives in Pisticci today.

Am glad it’s wine time. Tomorrow is another bill paying day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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