2022 in Pisticci…Hurray, sold 3 more paintings, and had fun at the market…..

After receiving my order of another 16 canvases I am very happy to have sold another 3 paintings from my local scenes series. Maybe I will make it to 50 of them.

The fact that I am enjoying painting them is a bonus.


So that makes my little bit of retail therapy at the market today okay then…….

Going to get rid of the gold thing, otherwise fits. (€2)
Might wear this with leggings. Loved the material.
Perfect over vest top . Hides arms.
Nearly perfect.
Cheap rug.
And other cheap rug.

That’s me sorted for summer from the €2 stall.

And I spent some time rearranging the rugs so that the worn bits are out of sight. It was a vaguely mathematical problem so took some time . But very satisfying .

After all that I made time to start the next local scene.

A new view of the chiesa Madre.

And just to make things even better a friend bought a copy of my book.

So happy wine time.


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