2022 in Pisticci…wind, work , walk…..

Today high winds were forecast. I considered hanging out washing, but decided that I would be constantly looking out for my clothes flying past my window all morning. ( if my plastic chairs can be blown all the way down the street then that seemed reasonable)

It’s still windy now. A cold wind.

After working off and on all morning I thought I would go for a ten minute circuit round my part of Pisticci. It was very cold

Gorgeous flowers
Love poppies
Up the pink brick road.
Poppies and bricks
In Dirupo
View towards the sea.

I felt good that I had at least gone out. ( smug in fact)

Today’s local scene was more complicated than normal.

Work in progress

Having had friends round and drank 2 glasses of wine I am not going to write any more .

Except to say it was so good to chat. It was like pre covid.


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