2022 in Pisticci….a very privileged day…..

I’ve had such a lovely time with two strangers/ tourists.

I was on my way back from the supermarket dragging my trolley when I met them outside the only restaurant in town which is open at lunch time, but not today.

It was grey and miserable weather. Discovering that they spoke English and realising that there was probably nowhere to get any food or drink at that time I thought that I could at least ask them round for a coffee .

Delightful as Pisticci is, on a grey damp day with everything shut it’s not very welcoming.

I’ve been made so welcome by so many Pisticcese that I was delighted that it was finally my turn.

( note to self…must get some snack food in , incase I do this again. Baby biscuits are better than nothing , but not very cool.)

So we came by one of the scenic routes back to my house where we had coffee and chatted and I was only a little ” guide bookish” . ( because I know where the lady who sings lives and have stories about things that happened all over the town, but am no good with dates. )

Past here……

After that we went for a tour starting with the pink brick road which is mobbed with wild flowers and even on a gloomy day looked good. There was even a car came down it when we had to jump onto the verge. It’s hard to believe that cars do come down such a narrow road, but is one of the “interesting things ” here as cars drive through the narrowest streets.

Views from the pink brick road ( on a sunny day)

At the top we went past the water tower and the castle and the little church. And I resisted saying , “I painted that and that and this and that “, but I certainly knew all the most picturesque spots.

The little church

We strolled on into town and found the office ( hopefully) they were looking for and then I couldn’t resist showing them the big mural featuring San Rocco which I helped to paint.

More than a year ago when It was finished

It was an enormous privilege for me to give back some of the welcoming that I’ve received over the years here. I felt very Pisticcese.

The wind is still blowing through the gaps in my door and it looks like rain, but I am as happy as can be.

This morning I begun the next local scene.

It’s all ready to paint.

I would have worked on it this afternoon, but I was out having fun instead.

Wine time now I think, even if it is a little early.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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