2022 in Pisticci…guess who came to visit…..

I was upstairs reading after lunch when I heard a scraping noise then a bump.

I looked down and there she was. Quite at home….

She must’ve got underneath the net curtain and then scrabbled up the wooden board which is across the door to keep cats out.

She is ,”fluffy” , because she is . Last year I found her asleep in my bed twice. I think she is a bit incontinent so after that I was more careful. And then she disappeared , as cats do here. Sometimes they reappear after a few weeks and sometimes they don’t. I haven’t seen little covid for about a month and brutto for even longer. It’s best to enjoy the cat of the present as they are all passing. There is a cute little pregnant black one which stops by some times. They’re fed at lots of different houses and I’ve never ever seen any ill treated.

It was another lovely sunny day and I went off uptown to buy wine and cardio aspirins. I felt light and carefree and even helped the nice bin lady haul a bin up the steps . It’s a heavy job.

It’s the first day I’ve been out without a jacket. Although people are still wearing masks there is a feeling that things are returning to normal.

And when the sun is shining it’s easier to be optimistic and happy.

I’ve been painting part of this today
I love how the houses all fit together
The steps down to Dirupo
And my favourite view again. With great shadows.

I forgot that I was out early this morning, disturbed by a whole lot of clanging and mooing. It was the cows all going off to the mountains for the summer. I wish I could have seen them . So there won’t be any more cowbells in the mornings.

I was late starting work ,but I enjoyed painting this. I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

I was attracted to this scene by the red and white speed thingy.

I’m not planning to put cars in all my paintings, but I am pleased with this one. ( There were 3 in the photo, but one is enough….”the power of the artist”….making cars vanish. )

I was going to sit outside and drink wine and enjoy the flowers when I finished work.


This is why my house does very well in the summer, but is so cold in the winter.

However I’m now inside with a glass of wine after another satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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